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    How it works

    Posting Projects

    You can immediately post a project after selecting a pack. Fill out the project details form and click submit.

    Fill out the project details form and click submit.

    Select your payment method. Credit card and PayPal are supported.

    Now sit back while voice talent begin to submit their bids. You’ll receive email notifications when you receive new bids on your project.

    Awarding a Project

    You can review all the bids on your project within the project details page. You choose where to award your project. Each bid will contain a written proposal, bid amount, and a custom mp3 demo. When you decide on the best talent for the job, the next step will be to click on the “award” button to assign the project to that voice talent. The chosen voice talent will receive an email notification with a link to the project proposal.

    Go to the Project Workspace

    After a bid has been awarded, you and the voice talent can both use the project workspace to start working together.

    In the Project Workspace, both users can upload/download files and send private messages to each other.

    You should first review all the files downloaded from the project workspace.

    If you’re satisfied with the files, it is now time to complete the project by reviewing and rating the voice talent. This is done by clicking the “Finish” button.

    Now that the project has been marked completed, the voice talent can click the “Review & Complete” button to review and rate their experience.


    How do you guarantee secure payments?

    Trustworthy transactions make for trustworthy collaborations. That’s why transparency is and always will be our priority, and a value that we uphold for all our members. Voicebid has a strict membership policy, requiring all clients and voice talent to be verified before they are accepted into our system.

    As a Project Manager, you must first verify your payment method to show voice talent that you’re a trusted client.

    PayPal Escrow works like this:

    • When a Project Owner accepts a bid from a Voice Talent and hires that person, the system will take the bid value and place it into the Voicebid Paypal account.
    • Upon project completion at the decree of both involved parties, the Owner and Voice Talent can end the contract; the bid money automatically is sent to the Voice Talent’s account. No hassle. No long-term pending funds. And absolutely no more waiting for a check in the mail.
    • Paypal has a tax for every escrow transaction that VoiceBid pays, with a site tax of 18% paid by the Voice Talent.

    If the project poster is dissatisfied with the voice talent’s files after having completed the project, the project poster can send a dispute to the Voicebid team by clicking the “Close” button.