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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to submit a custom audition for each bid?

    Adding a custom recording to your audition is not required. One of your profile demos will automatically submit with your bid.

    How can I choose which demo is the one played when a potential client clicks play on my profile?

    This feature is coming soon!

    Is my bid public?

    Your bid price, proposal letter, and demo are only visible to the project poster and yourself. However, your name does appear publicly in the list of submitted bids.

    I can't bid! I registered as an employer, but I want to bid.

    If you created the wrong type of profile, please go to our support page and submit a request to change your account type.

    Is contact strictly through you instead of direct contact with the client?

    Voicebid prefers keeping all communication through the Voicebid platform. Consolidating all files and communication into one place will help us to simplify dispute resolution.

    How is Voicebid compensated?

    After a project is completed, the funds are pulled out of escrow and transferred to the voice talent’s PayPal address. Voicebid has a commission rate of 18% that is deducted from the awarded funds of voice talent.